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Brians story - Fear of Flying

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Brian (I have changed his name, for obvious reasons) is a man who came to me for help with a fear of flying.

As soon as he knew he had to fly to see his ailing relatives, a feeling of dread grew within him. The thoughts kept churning in his head and on occasions he would realise that he had spent 10, 15, 20 minutes plus just churning over the worry about flying. Others didn’t understand the stress and weight that Brain was carrying as he put his “I’m fine” face on. He was exhausted and yet he couldn’t sleep well given the recurring thoughts that held him in their grasp.

It felt like someone had dug a hole in his stomach that was infinitely empty and at the same time the guilt and shame of this burden he carried, he felt unable to share with others. Booze and pills were only a temporary plaster on a unhealing wound in his system.

As with many things in life, the fear of flying was an effect that traced its origins from something else, unexpectedly different.

As we delved deeper into his psyche, I discovered that his real fear was based on an event from his early childhood, an event where his mother had told him not to mix with people who might be sick or ill. This had been lodged deep in his subconscious, rendering him unable to access it on a conscious level.

This is where the power of just asking the right person for help can change everything in our life.

I feel privileged that people come to me for that help, part of that help on this occasion was, through the process of hypnosis, it was possible to quickly find and identify the cause behind his fear of flying.

I am sure you would agree that once we are no longer afraid of something, it no longer has the power to control us and our behaviour. Many of us just don’t know how to even take the first steps in being able to live life on our terms, and so often continue to suffer in silence.

The outcome for Brian was being able to let go of his fear of flying and move forward with confidence and strength.

The real joy of doing what I do, is seeing someone like Brian who suffered so much, no longer seeing flying as a source of panic, feeling sick and nauseous. To see him become someone who now sees flying as exciting, adventurous and an opportunity to start living the life he previously thought impossible.

I feel blessed as an ex-airline Captain, I have a better understanding of phobias than most. When I add that life experience to being a Hypnotherapist it allows me to bring two powerful tools to allow for transformation and growth.

Let me Captain you as you prepare for your journey to flying with confidence.

DM me or Call or email me today.

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