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One Small Step

Online Hypnotherapy and Wellbeing Solutions
online and in the United Kingdom by Robin Ferrier

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My Services

Airplane Engine
Supportive Friend

Remedying of Pain 

 Using various systems including RTT hypnogherapy and Old Pain To Go

Fear of Flying

Ex airline captain of over twenty years experience.

Post bullying support for men BY men

 It is called bullying survivor - the sweetest revenge.

Traditional Hypnotherapy

From smoking to stress, fears to phobias, whatever your mind creates, we can work with.


About Me

As a businessman in the aviation industry followed by over twenty years as an airline Captain, I know the strengths, frailties and intricacies of the human spirit. I have struggled, suffered, and endured as you have, and I have come through to the other side. As will you, my friend.

98% of all sessions and meetings are carried out online. Imagine the comfort of relaxing in your own armchair, settee or bed at home and getting the very best therapy without travel, sitting in waiting rooms, accommodation costs and any concerns you might have about health considerations. 


Should you wish a face to face meeting we can do so at my office in Eastbourne at the Natural Fitness and Therapies Beach Studio. All tailored to make things easy for you and to save your valuable time.


"I recommend Robin for his ability to communicate so many different concepts, yet uncommon topics"

J from Canada

""I came to Robin in search of help in recovering from stage fright. After just 2 sessions, I am now free from this fear, as I have since performed on stage with pure confidence. I have control over the anxiety that once took over my body and mind in these situations, now I feel whole and my message is delivered with clarity and comfort whilst under the spotlight."

B from UK

"Thank you for the wonderful session. I appreciate your calmness and your preparedness to help getting rid of the fear that was blocking me for such a long time. There is something magical about you."

M from Switzerland

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